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Roman Catholic church

Ethiopian Heresies And Theological Controversies

ETHIOPIAN HERESIES AND THEOLOGICAL CONTROVERSIES Although isolated from the Christian world until the twentieth century, Ethiopia has had knowledge, and even followers, of the major heresies that caused schism and created ecclesiastical minorities in the early history of the Christian church. A letter from the emperor Constantius II (337-361) (Athanasius,1857, cols. 636-37) shows a reasonable …

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EPICLESIS The invoking of the name of God upon a person or thing. Although in the baptismal liturgy the Holy Trinity is invoked upon the baptized person, and in the rites of confirmation and ordination the invocation is of the Holy Spirit, this article is limited to the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. In the …

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Isidhurus (1867-1942)

ISIDHURUS (1867-1942) Bishop and abbot who wrote a history of the Coptic church. Isidhurus was born at Homs, Syria, into a pious Christian family named Na‘um. In 1880 he emigrated to Alexandria at the age of thirteen in the company of a relative, Hegumenos Isaiah, who was the resident priest in charge of the Coptic …

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Immaculate Conception

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION The doctrine held by the Roman Catholic church that from the very first moment of her conception, the Virgin Mary was free from the stain of original sin, and that, unlike the rest of mankind, she inherited human nature in an unsullied condition to make her worthy of being the Mother of Christ. …

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Jerome, Saint

JEROME, SAINT (c. 347-419/420) A father of the church who was one of the greatest biblical scholars of all time. His foremost accomplishment was translating the Bible from its original languages into Latin. Jerome (Eusebius Hieronymus in Latin) was born in Stridon at the head of the Adriatic. His advanced education began in Rome and …

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ABSOLUTION The pronouncement of remission to the penitent, granting him release from the guilt of sin if he is truly contrite over his trespass, confesses to a priest, and promises not to revert to his former ways. The priest gives this absolution, not in his own name, but in the name of God, in accordance …

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