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Roman Catholic church

Joseph The Carpenter

JOSEPH THE CARPENTER A saint and spouse of the Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus Christ (feast day: 26 Abib). Biblical Accounts In the New Testament Joseph is mentioned in the accounts of the birth and childhood of Jesus (Mt. 1-2; Lk. 1-2) and also in Luke (3:23, 4:22) and John (1:45, 6:42) …

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Liturgical Instruments

LITURGICAL INSTRUMENTS The liturgical instruments of the Coptic church, as well as everything worn or used during the services, must be consecrated by the patriarch or a bishop as part of the general process of CONSECRATION. Basin and Ewer A basin and ewer are usually placed on a low wooden stand at the northern side …

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PATRIARCH The head of the Coptic church. The word is a composite term originating from Latin and Greek words: pater (father) or patria (lineage, race, people, nation) and archos (leader or chief). In the Coptic church, the term signifies the head of the entire church organization with archbishops, bishops, and priests under his ecclesiastical authority. …

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Mcoptic Migration

COPTIC MIGRATION The Copts as a community were sedentary by nature and upbringing. They loved the land of their birth and were averse to migration to other countries throughout their long history. The idea of moving from their ancestral home to a new milieu in search of better opportunities dawned upon them only recently, after …

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Nestorians And Copts

NESTORIANS AND COPTS The first theological and Christological clash between the Nestorian doctrines and Alexandrian orthodoxy took place at the Council of EPHESUS (431). CYRIL I (412-444) faced a new phase in Christology as preached by the scholar NESTORIUS, patriarch of Constantinople. The Alexandrian theologians, led by Saint Cyril, taught that Jesus Christ was the …

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Eucharistic Bread

EUCHARISTIC BREAD One of the two visible elements constituting the eucharistic sacrament, the other element being the eucharistic wine. The bread is leavened, unsalted bread made of the finest wheat flour. It is circular in shape and has a diameter ranging from 3 to about 5 inches, as required. On its upper surface, it is …

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EUCHARIST One of seven sacraments in the Coptic church. Although all sacraments contain and impart grace, the Eucharist carries the most sublime grace of all. In BAPTISM, for example, water remains water, as does the holy chrism in confirmation, the visible element of the sacrament thus undergoing no change. In the Eucharist, however, the bread …

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