Beja Tribes

BEJA TRIBES The nomadic and warlike Beja tribes have occupied the Red Sea hills of Egypt and Sudan since very early times. In pharaonic days, the tribes were known as the Medjay and were already regarded as a menace by the settled populations in the Nile Valley. One of the Egyptian frontier fortresses built in …

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ASSUMPTION The taking up of Mary into heaven. The calendar of feasts of the Coptic Church celebrates the death of the Virgin Mother of God and the ascension of her soul into heaven on 21 Tubah. The metamorphosis or conveyance of her body into heaven is placed on 16 Misra. There is thus a 206-day …

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APHU A monk and bishop of Oxyrhynchus during the second half of the fourth century and the beginning of the fifth. He is best known through Coptic sources and, later, from Arabic sources as well. A complete account of his life is handed down in a manuscript from Turin (Cat. 63000, ed. Rossi, 1887-1892). He …

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