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Arabic Manuscripts Of Coptic Provenance In National Library, Paris

ARABIC MANUSCRIPTS OF COPTIC PROVENANCE IN NATIONAL LIBRARY, PARIS The principal source for knowledge of the Coptic culture of the Middle Ages is the Arabic Christian manuscript tradition. It is, however, very difficult to distinguish which of these manuscripts originate from Coptic unless an examination is made on the basis of experience with Arabic paleography. …

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Nastaruh (Nastarawah)

NASTARUH (Nastarawah) A town in Egypt that seems to have been located in the northern Delta along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on Lake Bashmur (Maspero, 1919, p. 211). The fact that the repeated onslaughts of the Greeks against Dumyat in the middle of the ninth century prompted the citizens of Rashid, Alexandria, and …

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IDKU A city located in the northern Delta of Egypt about 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Rashid in the Beheirah province. The first certain attestation of Christianity in Idku comes from the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS, where it is recorded that when the churches of the Melchites and Copts in Alexandria were closed by …

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DUMYAT A city in the northeastern part of the Nile Delta just west of Lake al-Manzalah. Dumyat was the seat of a bishop at least as early as 431 when Bishop Herakleides of Tamiathis/ Dumyat took part in the First Council of EPHESUS (Munier, 1943, p. 17). In 459 Bishop Elpidios of Tamiathis signed the …

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