Prophet Muhammad

Cyrus Al-Muqawqas

CYRUS AL-MUQAWQAS A Byzantine bishop of Phasis in the region of the Caucasus until 631, when Emperor Heraclius decided to assign him the more important diocese of Egypt, with the express command to curb the obstinate Coptic community and bring its members to Chalcedonian obedience. In 451 the Copts had opposed the Council of CHALCEDON …

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Mariyyah The Copt

MARIYYAH THE COPT A Coptic consort of the Prophet Muhammad. Her story begins in A.D. 627 with the dispatch of letters from Muhammad to the rulers of the world, calling them to allegiance to Islam and its prophet as the messenger of Allah. Those letters included a special message addressed to al-Muqawqas, viceroy of Egypt, …

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