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City Of Fayyum

CITY OF FAYYUM The capital of the province of Fayyum. In ancient Egypt the city, then named after the crocodile god Sebek (Greek Suchus), was an island in a lake called Moeris (now Birkat Qarun). The Romans called the city Crocodilopolis, and its name in Coptic was viom (sea), probably because of the size of …

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Egyptian Monasticism

EGYPTIAN MONASTICISM Numerous theories, which have given rise to an abundant literature, have been advanced since the end of the nineteenth century to explain the origins of monasticism in Egypt. Some explanations appeal to a revival of the way of life of the Therapeutae described by Philo, those Jewish ascetics who lived in the neighborhood …

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EIKOSTON One of the monasteries in the coastal strip separating Lake Mareotis from the sea, west of Alexandria. The site has not been located. Like the ENATON or the OKTOKAIDEKATON, it was so called from the number of milestones (in this case twenty) separating it from Alexandria (Raabe, 1895, pp. 64-65). According to R. Raabe, …

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