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Pope Leo - Coptic Wiki

Pope Leo

Coptic Catholic Church

COPTIC CATHOLIC CHURCH A distinct Eastern church in communion with Rome. Its patriarchate is in Alexandria. Pope Leo XII of Rome (1823-1829) was falsely led to believe that the viceroy of Egypt, MUHAMMAD ‘ALI, wished the establishment of the Coptic Catholic patriarchate for all Copts and the appointment of the vicar apostolic Maximos Guaid (Zuwayd) …

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Nature Of Christ

NATURE OF CHRIST Christian churches are split into two groups regarding the union of the divine and human nature in Jesus Christ. The non-Chalcedonian, including the Coptic, Syrian, Armenian, Ethiopian, and Indian Orthodox churches, reject the decisions of the Council of CHALCEDON (A.D. 451); the Chalcedonian churches, including the Roman Catholic, Greek, and Protestant churches, …

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Saint Victor Stratelates, Or Victor The General

SAINT VICTOR STRATELATES, or Victor the General [This son of the Roman governor Romanus miraculously survived death three times before being marytred during the persecution under Diocletian (feast day: 27 Baramudah)] COPTIC TRADITION About Victor Statelates we have four complete accounts and several that are incomplete. The martyrdom itself was published by E. Wallis Budge …

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Timothy Salofaciolus

TIMOTHY SALOFACIOLUS A Chalcedonian patriarch of Alexandria (460-482). A one-time steward of the church of Alexandria, he was consecrated patriarch after the expulsion of TIMOTHY II AELURUS (“the Cat”) in 459. His nickname may be derived from Coptic with a “dog Latin” ending meaning “wearer of a white turban” or “wobbling turban.” He was the …

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Timothy II Aelurus

TIMOTHY II AELURUS The twenty-sixth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (457-477). Along with Philoxenus of Mabbug and SEVERUS OF ANTIOCH, Timothy was the preeminent champion of MONOPHYSITISM. He adhered to CYRIL’S well-known formula “one incarnate nature of the divine Logos” and took up DIOSCORUS’ cause when the latter was deposed at CHALCEDON. Consecrated …

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THEOPHILUS The twenty-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (385-412). A complex and controversial patriarch, Theophilus was much admired for his many writings, his destruction of pagan temples and subsequent church-building program, as well as his important role as a mediator of schisms at Antioch, Bostra, and Jerusalem during the early part of his …

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