Coptic Hagiography

COPTIC HAGIOGRAPHY Egypt was influenced by the Greek culture, hence many of the hagiographical texts were written first in this language and translated later into Coptic. It is important to use the classical hagiographical tools such as Bibliotheca Hagiographica Orientalis and the Bibliotheca Sanctorum (16 vols., Rome 1965-1976), in addition to the bibliography in each …

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Anaphora Of St. Cyril

ANAPHORA OF ST. CYRIL The Anaphora of St. Mark (Cyril) is notable for several features that are peculiar to it among Eastern liturgies, differentiating it from the Syro-Byzantine type. These features suggest that the structure of prayer is of considerable antiquity. These features are as follows: The presence of an offering in the preface. The …

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