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The Titles of Jesus

The Titles of Jesus Jesus of Nazareth was given more titles than any other person in history. A brief sampling would include the following: Christ Lord Son of Man Savior Son of David Great High Priest Son of God Alpha & Omega Master Teacher Righteousness Prophet Rose of Sharon Lily of the Valley Advocate Lion …

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The Justice of God

The Justice of God Justice is a word we hear every day. We use it in personal relationships, in social conventions, with respect to legislation, and to the verdicts rendered in court. As commonplace as the word is, it has perplexed philosophers who seek an adequate definition of it. Sometimes we link or equate justice …

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The Goodness of God

The Goodness of God One of life’s amusing moments comes when we observe a puppy or a kitten chasing its own shadow. It tries in vain to catch it. When it moves, its shadow moves with it. Not so with God. James declares: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes …

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Divine Revelation: Paradox, Mystery, And Contradiction

Divine Revelation: Paradox, Mystery, And Contradiction The influence of various movements within our culture such as New Age, Eastern religion, and irrational philosophy have led to a crisis of understanding. A new form of mysticism has arisen that exalts the absurd as a hallmark of religious truth. We think of the Zen-Buddhist maxim that “God …

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