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ELEPHANTINE An island at the level of Aswan, and the most southerly town in Egypt. In the pharaonic period, it was the capital of the Elephant nome, but from Ptolemaic times, it was reduced to a temple town and the administration was transferred to Syene, today Aswan, on the eastern riverbank. The two main temples …

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Dayr Al-Bisrah (Busrah)

DAYR AL-BISRAH (Busrah) History Dayr al-Bisrah is a small Coptic village on the right bank of the Nile, south of the extremity of the basin of Abnub, at the place where the mountains are very close to the Nile, opposite Shut b, the homeland of the father of Saint THEODORUS “the General” (stratelates) according to …

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ABUSIR A modern village a few miles south of Cairo and famous for the pyramids from the Old Kingdom of Sahurê (Fifth Dynasty), Neferikare (Fifth Dynasty), and Ne-user-Rê (Fifth Dynasty). In the village, itself are the remains of a temple from the New Kingdom, probably dedicated to Osiris. It is possible that the town Busiris, …

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ABYDOS   One of the most renowned sites in ancient Egypt. Situated on the left bank of the Nile about 7 miles (11 km) from the town of al-Balyana, it was reputed to be the repository of the head of Osiris. For this reason, it was much frequented as a place of pilgrimage, as is …

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Abu Mina

ABU MINA A pilgrimage center in the Libyan desert where the tomb of Saint MENAS THE MIRACLE MAKER was venerated from the fourth century on. It was about 28 miles (46 km) southwest of Alexandria, near Lake Mareotis. The settlement consisted of a civil area and an ecclesiastical area, which included Menas’ tomb, a market, …

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