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Saint Pachomius (292-346)

SAINT PACHOMIUS (292-346) founder of cenobitic monasticism (feast day: 14 Bashans). He was born of pagan parents in Upper Egypt. His first contact with Christianity occurred in 312, when he was a conscript in the Roman army. As a soldier, he experienced great acts of charity from a local community of Christians whose members brought …

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Moses Of Abydos

MOSES OF ABYDOS (feast day: 25 Abib), fifth-sixth-century monk. The SYNAXARION of the Copts and the Synaxarion of the Ethiopians give no information about Moses of Abydos, but only allude to him in the brief commemoration of MACROBIUS, “the son of Abu Musa, head of the monastery of al-Balyana,” for 7 Baramudah. No Arabic manuscript …

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Elias Of Samhud, Saint

ELIAS OF SAMHUD, SAINT a sixth-century (?) monk whose birth was foretold by an angel (feastday: 13 Kiyahk). His Christian parents, who lived in the Fayyum, held a monthly agape (meal) for the poor as well as widows and orphans, and were reportedly visited by the Old Testament prophets Elijah (Elias) and Elisha. Despite their …

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Abraham Of Farshut

ABRAHAM OF FARSHUT A sixth-century abbot (feast day: 24 Tubah). In addition to the SYNAXARION (Basset, 1916, p. 684; Forget, 1953-1954, 47-49, pp. 411-13 [text]; 78, pp. 401-05 [trans.]), which gives a brief résumé of his life, numerous Coptic folios (Campagnano, 1970, pp. 230-32, 239-41) contain the remains of two Encomia. Moreover, we have also …

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