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Pauline Epistles

Patriarch Gabriel III

PATRIARCH GABRIEL III The life of the monk and priest Ghubriyāl, who eventually became Coptic patriarch Gabriel III (usually counted as the 77th patriarch, 1268–1271), bears witness to both the flourishing of literary and scientific activity as well as to the turbulence of ecclesiastical and social affairs that characterize Coptic Orthodox history in the middle decades …

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Gospel Of Saint Mark

GOSPEL OF SAINT MARK Felt by many to be the most cohesive, the best written, and the most eloquent of the four Gospels. Mark’s narrative style is simple and unadorned, yet compelling and vivid. Although Mark’s work was the least appreciated of the four Gospels in early Christianity, there is a much greater amount of …

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EPISTOLOGRAPHY Anglicized Greek word denoting the writing (graphe) of a letter (epistole). The study of letter writing has as its goal distinguishing and classifying the various kinds of letters, analyzing the form and function of the component elements (introduction, body, conclusion) of these letters, learning of and describing the mechanisms or postal systems through which …

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EBIONITES Judaizing Christians who developed into a separate sect by the last quarter of the second century and had some influence on the early history of the church in Egypt. The term “Ebion” is probably derived from the Hebrew ebyon (the poor). It is an attribute of those who serve the Lord, in contrast with …

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