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Paul of Samosata - Coptic Wiki

Paul of Samosata


CHRISTOLOGY Christology is the study of all that pertains to Christ. Several dogmas were discussed throughout the history of the Church by the leaders and theologians of the Church concerning the nature of Christ; whether he is God or merely became a son by adoption (Bishop Paul of Samosata). The divine nature was discussed during …

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Saints Cosmas And Damian

SAINTS COSMAS AND DAMIAN Two doctors and brothers who suffered martyrdom at the time of the Diocletian persecutions (feast day: 22 Hatur). They were called anargyroi (silverless) because they did not ask money from the sick whom they cured. The Byzantine church, however, gradually came to distinguish three pairs of brothers named Cosmas and Damian, …

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Nicene Creed

NICENE CREED This Creed was formulated at the Council of Nicaea (325 a.d.). It was inspired by the Syro-Palestinian and Eusebius’ creeds. It mentioned for the first time the word homoousios, meaning “the same substance.” This term was condemned during the crisis of Paul of Samosata, but Alexander of Alexandria and Athanasius gave the true …

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Copto-Arabic Synaxarion

COPTO-ARABIC SYNAXARION A list of saints used in the Coptic church Editions of the Synaxarion This book, which has become a liturgical book, is very important for the history of the Coptic church. It appears in two forms: the recension from Lower Egypt, which is the quasi-official book of the Coptic church from Alexandria to …

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Dionysius The Great

DIONYSIUS THE GREAT The fourteenth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (247-264), whose letters dealt with the major religious issues of the time. Dionysius was born at an unknown date, probably in the last decade of the second century. The son of a wealthy pagan family, he was converted to Christianity at a mature …

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ANATHEMA Either a votive offering set up in a temple (2 Macc. 2:13; Philo, De vita Mosis 1.253) or, in general terms, that which is devoted to a divinity either consecrated or accursed. In New Testament times, the meaning was moving in the direction of the latter, the best example being in Paul’s First Letter …

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HOMOOUSION A word with a century-long history in early Christianity before it became celebrated when employed in the Nicene Creed (325) and applied to the Son of God to define His relation to the Father (homoousion to patri). In English translations it has usually been rendered “of one substance with,” or “consubstantial,” or “one in …

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