Patriarch Cyril

CYRIL IV (1816-1861)

CYRIL IV (1816-1861) A Patriarch, reformer. He was the 110th patriarch of the Coptic Church (1854-1861). He was born Dawud in 1816 at Nag‘ Abu Zaqali, near Akhmim in Upper Egypt. In 1838, he entered the Monastery of St. Antony at the age of 22 and became its abbot only two years later. He then …

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PSALMODIA The name is applied to (a) the book that contains the principal hymns for the ecclesiastical year; (b) the service that follows the offices of the Compline, midnight prayer, and morning prayer. This book contains the biblical odes (Exod. 15:1-21; Ps. 136; Dan. 3: 52-58; Ps. 148, 149, 150), the seven Theotokia (seven hymns …

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Shenute Of Atripe

SHENUTE OF ATRIPE  A Saint, abbot, He is an illustrious figure of Egyptian Christianity and a most significant Coptic writer. Around 370 Shenute became a monk under his uncle Pgol, who founded the Monastery of St. Shenute, also known as the White Monastery. After the death of the latter in about 385, Shenute became the …

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