Patriarch CYRIL IV


MUSIC The Coptic Church uses more than one tune. The yearly tune, is used for all days except some feasts, fasting, and other occasions. The tune of Joy (Faraihi) is used from the first day of Tut, the beginning of the year, until the feast of the Cross, then in the dominical feasts and in …

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Habib Girgis (1876-1951)

HABIB GIRGIS (1876-1951) Reformer, educator, preacher. He was born in Cairo and joined the Coptic school of Harit al-Saqqayin, which Patriarch Cyril IV had established. He was educated in the Clerical College of the Coptic Orthodox Church and became a professor of theology from 1898 in the same college, and then its principal from 1918 …

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CYRIL IV (1816-1861)

CYRIL IV (1816-1861) A Patriarch, reformer. He was the 110th patriarch of the Coptic Church (1854-1861). He was born Dawud in 1816 at Nag‘ Abu Zaqali, near Akhmim in Upper Egypt. In 1838, he entered the Monastery of St. Antony at the age of 22 and became its abbot only two years later. He then …

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