ABSTINENCE Introduction.—The whole of morality on its negative side may be included under Abstinence. Christian moral progress (sanctification) includes a holding fast (κατέχεσθαι) of the good, and an abstaining from (ἀπέχεσθαι) every form of evil (1 Th 5:21f.). While Christianity has general laws to distinguish the good from the bad, yet for each individual Christian …



FASTING The first references concerning fasting in the Coptic Church are the paschal letters of St. Athanasius from the beginning of the fourth century, wherein Athanasius introduced the date of the Holy Lent. This tradition was continued by his successors such as Theophilus and Cyril. In all these documents, mention is made of Lent and …

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ANTHROPOMORPHISM The followers of Anthropomorphism believed that God has a human (Anthropos) form or shape (morphe). This affair arose in the late fourth century and the beginning of the fifth century in Egypt, during the patriarchate of Theophilus of Alexandria. The three tall monks of Nitria followed the allegorical interpretation of Origen. Theophilus first supported …

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