papyrus fragment

Saint Hilaria

SAINT HILARIA The elder daughter of the fourth-century emperor Zeno, who according to legend became a monk (feast day: 21 Tubah). Zeno had two daughters. The legend is as follows. The elder, Hilaria, seeks the monastic life but Theopiste, the younger, does not entertain such desires. Hilaria secretly, in male attire, travels to Alexandria, where …

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Pisentius, Saint

PISENTIUS, SAINT A seventh-century bishop of Qift who was noted as a preacher, letter writer, administrator, and servant of the poor (feast day: 13 Abib). He is among the most outstanding personalities of the Coptic church. Sources Texts written about Pisentius date from the seventh to the eighteenth centuries. They include three Sahidic Coptic texts …

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Egerton Gospel

EGERTON GOSPEL The most important of the papyrus fragments of apocryphal gospels because of its early date, its extent, and the character of the text; acquired by the British Library in 1934. It consists of two leaves of a papyrus codex together with a small fragment. Both leaves are incomplete, but in many lines, the …

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