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papyrus codex


EUDOXIA The name given to a fictitious sister of Constantine in a Sahidic Coptic legend, which credits her with the discovery of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The legend is preserved almost intact in a single papyrus codex in the Egyptian Museum of Turin (Cat. 63,000, codex Ib, fols. 10v-41r, seventh to eighth century). A …

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Egerton Gospel

EGERTON GOSPEL The most important of the papyrus fragments of apocryphal gospels because of its early date, its extent, and the character of the text; acquired by the British Library in 1934. It consists of two leaves of a papyrus codex together with a small fragment. Both leaves are incomplete, but in many lines, the …

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Agathonicus Of Tarsus

AGATHONICUS OF TARSUS Probably a fictitious figure, supposed to have been bishop of Tarsus in Cilicia, about the middle of the fourth century. To him are ascribed a few works that have come down in various collections found in diverse editions. The most important collection is found in a papyrus codex now in the Bodmer …

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