Pachomian monasticism

Monasticism Bibliography

MONASTICISM BIBLIOGRAPHY Atiya, Aziz S. “Jerome.” In CE, vol. 4, 1323ff. Behlmer, Heike. “Women and the Holy in Coptic Hagiography.” In Actes du Huitieme congres international d’etudes coptes, Paris, 28 juin-3 juillet 2004, vol. 2, ed. Nathalie Bosson and Anne Boud’hors, 405-16. Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta, 163. Louvain: E. Peeters, 2007. Boutros, Ramez. “Une question de …

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Pachomius (292-346)

PACHOMIUS (292-346) A Saint, abbot. He is the founder of cenobitic or communal monasticism. He was born of pagan parents in a small village in Esna in Upper Egypt. As a soldier recruited in the Roman army, he had his first contact with Christianity where he experienced acts of charity from the Christian community at …

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