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Peter I

PETER I The seventeenth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (300-311). Peter succeeded THEONAS (282-300) and, according to tradition, he was the last or the “seal” of the martyrs. The accounts of his turbulent and tragic archiepiscopate comprise a fascinating and important source for early Church history. Peter not only defended the orthodox faith …

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Pambo, Saint

PAMBO (Pamo), SAINT A fourth-century anchorite who was one of the first settlers in NITRIA (feast day: 1 July in the West, 18 July in the East). In chapter 10 of the Lausiac History, PALLADIUS tells of the death of Pambo in 373 in the presence of Melania the elder. At that time he was …

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Palladius (363-431)

PALLADIUS (363-431) The author of the Historia lausiaca, one of the principal documents that inform us about Egyptian monasticism in the fourth century. Born in Galatia, he became a monk. After spending some time in Palestine at the Mount of Olives, when Rufinus and Melania the Elder were living there, he came to Egypt. He …

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Origenist Controversies

ORIGENIST CONTROVERSIES The controversies that flared up around certain doctrines propagated by, or attributed to, ORIGEN in his vast written heritage—most of which survives only in fragmentary form—must be studied as a minor aspect of his work rather than as central to the whole of it. Even though condemned by certain synods and general councils, …

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Evagrius Ponticus

EVAGRIUS PONTICUS (345-399) monk and writer with Origenist views. The life of Evagrius is known from the chapter that PALLADIUS devoted to him in his Historia lausiaca (chap. 38). He was born about 345 at Ibora, in the province of Pontus. In his youth he was a disciple of the two Cappadocian fathers, BASIL OF …

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ESCHATOLOGY The study of the last things, of the destiny of individual persons, and, more broadly, of society, of the world, and of the universe. In the culture of the pagan Greco-Roman world, concern with the destiny of the individual after death received comparatively little attention outside the mystery religions, but Hellenistic speculation on successive …

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