Old Nubian language

Alwa , Or Alodia

ALWA , or Alodia The most southerly of the Christian kingdoms of medieval Nubia. Its territorial extent is unknown but was apparently considerable. According to IBN SALIM AL-ASWANI, it was larger than the neighboring kingdom of MAKOURIA. The frontier between Makouria and ‘Alwa was at AL-ABWAB (the gates), which was evidently somewhere between the Fourth …

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Griffith, Francis Llewellyn

GRIFFITH, FRANCIS LLEWELLYN (1862-1934) A British Egyptologist. As longtime professor of Egyptology at Oxford University, he was a pioneer in the study of medieval Nubian archaeology and philology. Between 1910 and 1912 he directed the excavation of several churches and other Christian archaeological remains at Faras in Lower Nubia. At Faras and at ‘Abd al-Qadir …

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DOTAWO A small, late medieval kingdom, probably the last surviving Christian polity in Nubia. The name in Nubian means “below Do,” a place usually identified with the Daww of medieval Arabic manuscripts and the JABAL ‘ADDA of modern times. It is not certain whether “below” is to be read literally (since Jabal ‘Adda was on …

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