O. H. Myers

Coptic Ceramics

COPTIC CERAMICS The pottery produced in Egypt from the late Roman to the early Islamic period. There must be no illusion about the term “Coptic ceramics.” The techniques of production were in the tradition of Hellenistic and Roman techniques. Similarly, there is no marked stylistic discontinuity between the products of the Roman period and those …

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ARMANT History Armant is a city located in Upper Egypt on the west bank of the Nile about 8 miles (13 km) southwest of Luxor in the province of Qina. The city was known in Greek as Hermonthis. Coptic tradition dates the inception of Christianity in Hermonthis/Armant to the time of Jesus himself. The SYNAXARION …

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Dayr Al-Matmar

DAYR AL-MATMAR History About 6 miles (9 km) west of Armant, on the stony desert (hajir in Arabic) but at the edge of the cultivated land, is situated a kom (mound) covered with the debris of pottery, fragments of brick, and the like and thus given this name Dayr al-Matmar (the Buried Monastery). It is …

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