BLESSING Jesus Christ blessed with both hands, when he took the children in his arms, laying his hands upon them (Mk. 10:16); when he ascended into heaven, he lifted up his hands and blessed the apostles (Lk. 24:50, 51). The apostolic traditions are silent about a particular manner with which Jesus Christ blessed the people. …

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Metropolitan Sees

METROPOLITAN SEES The ancient privileges of the See of Alexandria, as confirmed by the sixth canon of the Council of NICAEA (325), placed the provinces of Egypt, Libya, and the Pentapolis in Cyrenaica under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Alexandria, although these provinces had their own metropolitans. Ancient and Medieval Times The Metropolitan See …

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Murqus Ibn Qanbar

MURQUS IBN QANBAR A late-twelfth-century reformer. He worked to reintroduce the secret confession and for the more frequent administration of communion, even outside liturgical services. These and other innovations, such as the abolition of circumcision before baptism for the Copts and changes in the rules of fasting and the use of the sign of the …

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