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Coptic Catholic Church

COPTIC CATHOLIC CHURCH A distinct Eastern church in communion with Rome. Its patriarchate is in Alexandria. Pope Leo XII of Rome (1823-1829) was falsely led to believe that the viceroy of Egypt, MUHAMMAD ‘ALI, wished the establishment of the Coptic Catholic patriarchate for all Copts and the appointment of the vicar apostolic Maximos Guaid (Zuwayd) …

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Gregorian Calendar

GREGORIAN CALENDAR A reform of the Julian calendar (see CALENDAR, JULIAN) was promulgated by Pope Gregory XIII in his bull Inter gravissimas of 24 February 1582. The commission that he had named with this in mind ultimately adopted most of the details of the project drawn up by a Calabrian astronomer, Luigi Giglio Ghiraldi (Aloysius …

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Julian Calendar

JULIAN CALENDAR The Roman adaptation of the Egyptian solar calendar introduced by Julius Caesar, with the technical aid of the Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes, in 46 B.C.; that year was extended to 445 days by intercalation in order to bring the civic year into line with the solar year. While the Egyptians divided the solar year …

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History Of The Churches And Monasteries Of Egypt (Late 12th-Early 13th C.)

HISTORY OF THE CHURCHES AND MONASTERIES OF EGYPT (late 12th-early 13th c.) An important source for the history of the Coptic Church. The History of the Churches and Monasteries of Egypt is a remarkable collection of geographically arranged entries concerning churches and monasteries (primarily in Egypt, but with entries as far-flung as Abyssinia, Palestine, and …

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Ragheb Moftah (1898-2001)

RAGHEB MOFTAH (1898-2001) A Musicologist, educator. He was born to a wealthy Coptic family on 21 December 1898 at Al-Faggala in Cairo. In 1991, he was sent to Germany to study agriculture at the University of Bonn, but his great passion was music. After his earning a bachelor’s degree in agronomics, he obtained degrees in …

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Saint John Cassian

SAINT JOHN CASSIAN A monk and author of a monastic rule. John Cassian was born around 360, no doubt in the neighborhood of the present town of Constantza, Romania. After receiving a first-rate education, John Cassian was initiated into the monastic life at Bethlehem. He soon undertook a pilgrimage to the Egyptian monastic sites, which …

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