BABYLON The oldest part of the city of Cairo. Babylon is situated on the east bank of the Nile, to some extent on the border between Upper and Lower Egypt. The same spot marks the mouth of a canal, originally cut about 600 B.C., which connected the Nile to the Red Sea. The city was …

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Madinat Madi

MADINAT MADI An abandoned site on the southwest edge of the Fayyum (perhaps identical with the ancient Narmuthis), which grew out of an older temple settlement the beginnings of which reach back into the Middle Kingdom. The temple itself was built by Amenemhet III (Twelfth Dynasty) and contains numerous additions from the Ptolemaic and Roman …

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ABUSIR A modern village a few miles south of Cairo and famous for the pyramids from the Old Kingdom of Sahurê (Fifth Dynasty), Neferikare (Fifth Dynasty), and Ne-user-Rê (Fifth Dynasty). In the village, itself are the remains of a temple from the New Kingdom, probably dedicated to Osiris. It is possible that the town Busiris, …

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