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Morgan Library

Apocryphal Literature

APOCRYPHAL LITERATURE Properly speaking, this consists of the so-called Old Testament pseudepigrapha. The Old Testament books called “apocryphal” by Protestants and “deuterocanonical” by Roman Catholics were until recently included in the biblical canon of the Coptic church. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century and by order of CYRIL V (1874-1927) were the following …

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Dayr Al-Muharraqah

DAYR AL-MUHARRAQAH ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN, who wrote in the early thirteenth century, is the only ancient author who mentions Dayr al-Muharraqah. He situated it in Giza near Bunumrus, also known as Abu al-Numrus (Ramzi, 1953-1968, Vol. 2, , p. 3 and p. 39). There is still a village of this name to the south …

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Archelaus Of Neapolis

ARCHELAUS OF NEAPOLIS An imaginary figure invented by the Coptic authors of the period of the CYCLES. Various homilies are attributed to him. Information on his fictional personality can be drawn only from the content of his homilies, and his mention in the Coptic-Arabic SYNAXARION on 22 Kiyahk also derives from one of these. He …

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Anastasius Of Eucaita

ANASTASIUS OF EUCAITA A fictitious character invented in the Period of the CYCLES (eighth century), in relation to the legends concerning the martyr THEODORUS STRATELATES, who was from Eucaita. Anastasius is said to have been bishop of Eucaita, the successor of a certain Sukianus, and it is stated that he composed an encomium in honor …

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Cyril Of Jerusalem

CYRIL OF JERUSALEM Bishop of Jerusalem (c. 350-387) due to the efforts of the Arianite faction. However, because his doctrine was substantially anti-Arian, he was repeatedly exiled by the Arian emperors Constantius (357-362) and Valens (367-378). The Egyptian tradition recognized him as orthodox and regarded his character and work with favor. Consequently, the Copts accorded …

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John Of Mayuma

JOHN OF MAYUMA The sixth-century bishop who wrote an anthology of miraculous tales. John of Mayuma was a monk from the Monastery of Bayt Rufina, whence the name John Rufus, by which he is also known. He succeeded Peter the Iberian as bishop of Mayuma near Gaza in Palestine. Around the year 515, John composed …

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Hagiography, Coptic

HAGIOGRAPHY, COPTIC The writing about the saints of the Coptic church. Many religions venerate saints and so have produced a vast literature around them. Best known in the West is the monumental Acta Sanctorum (Lives of the Saints), compiled by the Society of Bollandists, a group of Jesuit scholars, beginning in the seventeenth century and …

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