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Monophysite patriarch


THEOPHILUS The twenty-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (385-412). A complex and controversial patriarch, Theophilus was much admired for his many writings, his destruction of pagan temples and subsequent church-building program, as well as his important role as a mediator of schisms at Antioch, Bostra, and Jerusalem during the early part of his …

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Justin I (C.450-527)

JUSTIN I (c.450-527) A byzantine emperor who worked for orthodoxy and the reunion of Rome and Constantinople. He was born about 450 in Bederiana (in modern Yugoslavia). Of peasant stock, he followed his father into the Roman army, fighting with distinction against the Isaurian rebels in 498, the Persians from 502 to 505, and the …

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LONGINUS A sixth-century missionary, who, according to ecclesiastical historians, played an important role in bringing Christianity to the Nubian kingdoms both of NOBATIA and of ‘ALWA. Information about his life and activities is found in the work of his contemporary, John of Ephesus, and in the later writers Eutychius and AL-MAQRIZI. According to John of …

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Dioscorus I

DIOSCORUS I The saint and twenty-fifth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (444-458). He succeeded Saint CYRIL THE GREAT and must be regarded as one of the chief architects of Coptic Christianity and the Egyptian church. Little is known about his early life beyond the supposition that he was a native of Alexandria, born …

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Prefect (Praefectus Aegypti, Eparchos Aigyptou)

PREFECT (praefectus Aegypti, eparchos Aigyptou) After Diocletian’s reforms, Egypt was divided into three provinces (c. A.D. 297), and the supreme command over the enlarged army forces in the country was concentrated in the hands of a single dux, “general” (in 308/309 at the latest). Consequently, the position of the prefect as a viceroy (Tacitus Annales, …

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Paul The Black

PAUL THE BLACK A sixth-century Monophysite patriarch of Antioch. Paul the Black was a Copt born in Alexandria. He moved to Syria, where he took his monastic vows in one of its monasteries. He was ultimately consecrated patriarch of Antioch by Bar Hebraeus, with whom he shared the Monophysite profession against CHALCEDON. His career was …

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Monenergism (Monergism)

MONENERGISM (Monergism) A movement that developed in the early part of the seventh century from an attempt by Emperor Heraclius I (610-641) to find a formula that would reconcile the Monophysites with neo-Chalcedonian orthodoxy. The dramatic success of Heraclius against the Persians, culminating in the triumphant restoration of the True Cross to Jerusalem in 630, …

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