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Monastery of the Syrians

Dayr Anba Bishoi (Scetis)

DAYR ANBA BISHOI (Scetis) History This is one of the surviving ancient monasteries in SCETIS (modern Wadi al-Natrun). There is no historically reliable information on its foundation, but on the basis of what little is known of the earliest monastic establishments in Scetis, it may be surmised that it grew from a settlement, or laura, …

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Abu Al-Makarim

ABU AL-MAKARIM Al-Shaykh al-Mu’taman Abu al-Makarim Sa‘d-Allah Jirjis ibn Mas‘ud was a priest of the Coptic church with the title of qummus (HEGUMENOS) who lived in the thirteenth century. He is best known as the author of the famous work entitled Tarikh al-Kana’is wa-al-Adyirah (History of Churches and Monasteries), which he is known to have …

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