monastery of Saint John Colobos

Dayr Apa Anub (Nub)

DAYR APA ANUB (Nub) A small monastery near Wadi al-Natrun whose precise date of establishment is not known. Evelyn-White (1932, p. 369) remarked that MAWHUB IBN MANSUR IBN MUFARRIJ, in his list of the relics venerated in Egypt in the History of the Patriarchs (written in 1088; Vol. 2, pt. 3, 1970), did not speak …

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Macarius The Canonist

MACARIUS THE CANONIST A monk-priest of the Monastery of Saint JOHN COLOBOS in Wadi al-Natrun (first half of the fourteenth century). Macarius is known only through his great juridical compilation. There are eleven manuscripts in this collection, but three are only eighteenth-century copies of older manuscripts, most of which are either incomplete or lost. Since …

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Abu Al-Muna

ABU AL-MUNA A deacon (1663-1679). In 1663, while in Cairo, Johann Michael VANSLEB had copied for the Royal Library in Paris the large anthology of the Coptic canonical collection compiled by the priest Marcarius, a monk of the monastery of Saint John Colobos (Graf, Vol. 1, pp. 560-63). This anthology was contained in two fine …

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