Theology And Liturgy Bibliography

THEOLOGY AND LITURGY BIBLIOGRAPHY Abdallah, Alfonso. L’ordinamento Liturgico di Gabriele V-88 Patriarca Copto. Cairo: Ain Shams Press, 1962. ‘Abd al-Masih Salib al-Mas‘udi. Al-Khuulaji al-Muqaddas. Cairo: n.p., 1902. Alcock, Antony. The Life of Saint Samuel of Kalamun by Isaac the Presbyter. London: Aris & Philips, 1983. Allen, Pauline, and C. Datema. “Leontius presbyter of Constantinople.” Byzantina …

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MONARCHIANISM In the dogmatic controversies during the early centuries of Christianity, some heretics denied the distinction of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity. Modalists denied any differences and they took their model from the monarchy in the Roman Empire, being singular. The other group of Monarchians, “the Adoptionists,” claimed that …

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