CHRISM Also known as holy Myron, the sacred oil used in anointing and in ceremonies of consecration. The tradition of using this sacred oil goes back to the Old Testament (Ex. 30) where God ordered Moses to prepare an anointing oil compounded from myrrh, cinnamon, cassia, and sweet calamus mixed with pure olive oil. It …

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Patriarchal Residences

PATRIARCHAL RESIDENCES From the time of Saint MARK, the first patriarch of the Egyptian church, the Coptic patriarchs resided at Alexandria, the cradle of Egyptian Christianity. This was the first patriarchal seat in Egypt, but there were also others, depending on historical circumstances. Eutychius (877-940), Melchite patriarch of Alexandria, in his masterwork, the Annales (PG …

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Mina II

MINA II, sixty-first patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (956-974). Mina was a native of the village of Sandala. He became a monk in the monastery of Saint Macarius (DAYR ANBA MAQAR). He was a docile youth and his parents married him to a relative against his will. So when he joined his wife …

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