MONOPHYSITISM This word is derivate from the Cyrillian statement, ‘One nature of the incarnated Word of God.” It is used to designate those who, in opposition to the two-natures doctrine of Chalcedon, confess the formula of St. Cyril, which has been adopted by the Coptic Church: ‘One Nature for the Word God incarnated.” Hence, Christ …

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Confession Of The Fathers (Ca. 1078)

CONFESSION OF THE FATHERS (ca. 1078) Patristic florilegium (literally a “selection of flowers,” like a bouquet; a chain of quotations from selected authorities). The anonymous text known as I‘tiraf al-Aba’ (Confession of the Fathers) is a patristic florilegium. Confession is significant as an assertion and defense of the one-nature (Miaphysite) Christology of the Coptic Church …

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