Christianity in Asyut in Modern History

Christianity in Asyut in Modern History A Historical Introduction By the second half of the eighteenth century, Asyut had taken Girga’s place as the capital of Upper Egypt. With Muhammad ‘Ali’s interest in admin­istratively organizing Egypt’s governorates, the construction of the gover­norate building in Asyut began in 1811. In 1822, Asyut’s population was around seventeen …

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Apostolic Succession

APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION This term refers to an unbroken chain of the spiritual authority of Church leaders that originated with the Apostles and continues to the present-day patriarch. It was used as an argument against Gnosticism from the second century onward. Hegesippus, in his memoirs against the Gnostics, mentioned for the first time the word diadoche, …

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