Melchizedek (NHC IX, 1)

MELCHIZEDEK (NHC IX, 1) A Sethian Gnostic apocalypse written in the name of Melchizedek, “Priest of God Most High” (see Gen. 14:18). Its title occurs at the beginning. Codex IX is quite fragmentary; much of the text is lost in lacunae. The text reflects influence from early Jewish lore concerning Melchizedek, but also features Jesus …

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Nag Hammadi Codices

NAG HAMMADI CODICES A group of 12 papyrus codices plus eight leaves dating from the fourth century and inscribed in Coptic. The manuscripts were discovered in a buried storage jar by fellahin (farmers) in 1945 some 10 kilometers from Nag Hammadi, and are now housed in the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo. Publication of the …

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