Melchite Church

Confession And Penitence

CONFESSION AND PENITENCE Confession is actually considered one of the sacraments of the Church, where the priest gives the absolution to the penitent. The Coptic Church believes that Christ gave this authority of loosening and binding to his disciples (Matt. 16:19). After his Resurrection, Christ also sent out his disciples, giving them the authority to …

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Mikha’il, Metropolitan Of Damietta (?-After 1208)

MIKHA’IL, METROPOLITAN OF DAMIETTA (?-after 1208) A Bishop, theologian. Mikha’il, an active defender of the Coptic Orthodox faith in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, was the first Coptic bishop to receive the title “metropolitan” (Arabic: mutran). His best known works include a collection of canon law that, while of great merit, was soon …

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