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Christodoulos (?-1077). Patriarch (66th, 1046-1077)

CHRISTODOULOS (?-1077). Patriarch (66th, 1046-1077) The importance of Christodoulos (a monk of the Monastery of al-Baramous before his consecration as patriarch) to the history of Copto-Arabic literature may be seen from two sides. First, the events of his turbulent patriarchate are recounted by Mawhub ibn Mansur ibn Mufarrij in the first of two biographies that …

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Dayr Apa Anub (Nub)

DAYR APA ANUB (Nub) A small monastery near Wadi al-Natrun whose precise date of establishment is not known. Evelyn-White (1932, p. 369) remarked that MAWHUB IBN MANSUR IBN MUFARRIJ, in his list of the relics venerated in Egypt in the History of the Patriarchs (written in 1088; Vol. 2, pt. 3, 1970), did not speak …

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Dayr Al-Arman

DAYR AL-ARMAN The fifteenth-century Muslim historian al- Maqrizi said that at the time the conqueror ‘Amr ibn al-‘As arrived in Egypt in 641, there were a hundred monasteries in Wadi al- Natrun. He named some that were destroyed in his time, among them the Monastery of the Armenians, or Dayr al-Arman. For his part, MAWHUB …

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