Matthew IV

Dayr Al-Baramus

DAYR AL-BARAMUS History This monastery is farthest to the northwest in the monastic colony of Wadi al-Natrun (ancient Scetis). The topographic allusions in ancient literature lend some credence to the statement by the author of the Coptic Life of Saint Macarius (probably of the eighth century; cf. Guillaumont, 1968-1969, pp. 182-83) that Dayr al-Baramus evolved …

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Johann Michael Vansleb (Wansleben) (D. 1679)

JOHANN MICHAEL VANSLEB (WANSLEBEN) (d. 1679) A German Orientalist. After intensive studies in Oriental languages, especially Ethiopic and Arabic, he went to Egypt for the first time in 1664-1665 with the intention of going on to Ethiopia, but the patriarch MATTHEW IV dissuaded him. He then went to Rome, converted to Catholicism, and joined the Dominican order. …

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Harit Zuwaylah

HARIT ZUWAYLAH Together with HARIT AL-RUM, probably the oldest quarter in Cairo that was inhabited by a Coptic community. Harit Zuwaylah is situated in the district of al-Jammaliyyah or Khurunfish. The concentration of Copts in this area during the Middle Ages led to the foundation of some of the most ancient churches in Cairo. Of …

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