Dead, Prayer For The

DEAD, PRAYER FOR THE The Coptic church, which believes in one final, decisive day of judgment, does not recognize the concepts of purgatory or of a particular judgment to each individual soul at its separation from the body at the time of death. This attitude is supported by Christ’s description of the second coming of …

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AHNAS (Ihnas al Madinah, Ihnasyah al-Madinah, Byzantine Herakleopolis) Settlement on the site of pharaonic Nn-nswt, Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine Herakleopolis. The Coptic and Arabic names go back to Egyptian Hwt-nn-nswt, Hnn-nswt, the Greek name comes from the identification of Hrj-š.f (Herishef, Greek Harsaphes), the town’s ram-headed local deity, with Heracles (Herishef was also identified with …

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AKHMIM A city on the right bank of the Nile, about 250 miles (467 km) south of Cairo. In Byzantine times Akhmim was known as Panopolis. It remains today the chief town of the province of Suhaj. Akhmim is the name of pharaonic times (Chemmis) clothed in Arabic. Monasteries Pachomian Establishments The Greek and Coptic …

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Acta Alexandrinorum

ACTA ALEXANDRINORUM The propaganda literature of Greek Alexandrian groups, preserved on papyri. Since the form of a judicial record was often used, they are of significance for comparison with the Christian Acts of the Martyrs. BIBLIOGRAPHY Musurillo, H. The Acts of the Pagan Martyrs. Oxford, 1954. Acta Alexandrinorum. Leipzig, 1961. MARTIN KRAUSE Tags: Books