Martyr Mercurius

Julian The Apostate (332-363)

JULIAN THE APOSTATE (332-363) A roman emperor who attempted to restore the classical pantheon. Julian was born in Constantinople, son of Julius Constantius and Basilina. With his half-brother Gallus, he survived the massacre that claimed many of the relatives of Emperor Constantine I on 9 September 337, including their father and elder brother. Julian was, …

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Acacius, Bishop Of Caesarea

ACACIUS, BISHOP OF CAESAREA To whom a Coptic Encomium of the Martyr Mercurius (of Caesarea of Cappadocia) is attributed. Some ambiguity exists concerning this attribution, for, whereas patrologists recognize only one Acacius, bishop of Caesarea in Palestine (340-366), Coptic literature makes mention of another Acacius in Dioscorus’ Encomium of Macarius of Tkow. The first-named Acacius …

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