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Viktor Stegemann (1902-1948)

VIKTOR STEGEMANN (1902-1948) A German philologist. Stegemann was a specialist in religious antiquity, mainly in astrology. Stegemann won lasting merit in two areas of Coptology, paleography and texts on magic and witchcraft. His works in these areas include Die Gestalt Christi in den koptischen Zaubertexten (Heidelberg, 1934); Die koptischen Zaubertexte der Sammlung Papyrus Erzherzog Rainer …

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Maria Cramer (1898-1978)

MARIA CRAMER (1898-1978) A German Coptologist. She was a pupil of Hermann RANKE and Hermann JUNKER. Though she was working as a schoolteacher, she published several books and articles on Coptic paleography, book illumination, inscriptions, liturgy, and hymns. Some of her works related to Coptic studies are: Koptische Inschriften im Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum zu Berlin (Cairo, 1949); …

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Martin Krause (1930-)

MARTIN KRAUSE (1930-) A Coptologist and educator. He is the father of modern Coptology. He was born in Planitz near Zwickau, Germany. He studied theology, Egyptology, and the history of religion in Berlin and Leipzig and obtained a PhD (Berlin) in 1956 and a ThD (Leipzig) in 1958. In 1958, he joined the German Archaeological …

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SCRIPTORIUM The room in which copyists transcribed manuscripts (later, also the writing school that developed around it). An archdeacon instructed the scribes, who carried out their work in the scriptorium. The alphabet was taught both in the business hand (cursive) and in the book script (uncial). On the evidence of literary reports (Athanasius Apology to …

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