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Draguet, Rene (1896-1980)

DRAGUET, RENE (1896-1980) Belgian theologian. He was ordained a priest in 1919, became a professor of fundamental theology at Louvain in 1927, and succeeded J.-B. Chabot as editor of the Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium series in 1948. During his thirty-two-year tenure as editor, more than three hundred volumes of the series appeared. In 1960 he …

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Acta Alexandrinorum

ACTA ALEXANDRINORUM The propaganda literature of Greek Alexandrian groups, preserved on papyri. Since the form of a judicial record was often used, they are of significance for comparison with the Christian Acts of the Martyrs. BIBLIOGRAPHY Musurillo, H. The Acts of the Pagan Martyrs. Oxford, 1954. Acta Alexandrinorum. Leipzig, 1961. MARTIN KRAUSE Tags: Books

Coptic Metalwork (Update)

COPTIC METALWORK Since my “Metalwork, Coptic” in Coptic Encyclopedia 1991, I was in charge of cataloguing metal objects for two major collections: the COPTIC MUSEUM in Cairo and the Louvre in Paris. The following bibliography concerns these catalogues and some articles on specific items; most of them precede the second volume of Catalogue general du …

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