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Mark VII

MARK VII The 106th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1745-1769). His original name was Sam‘an, and he was a native of the village of Qulusana in the district of Samalut in Upper Egypt. As a youth, he retired to DAYR ANBA BULA in the Eastern Desert, where he took the monastic vow and …

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Muhammad ‘Ali Dynasty

MUHAMMAD ‘ALI DYNASTY A family that ruled Egypt for about a century and a half (1805-1952). The following is a brief survey of the line of succession, with particular reference to the role played by the Copts during the time of each ruler. Dates refer to the years of their accession and demise or abdication. …

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MUBASHIRUN The title of the leading Coptic officials in the Egyptian tax administration during the French occupation of Egypt (1798-1801). “Mubashirun” (sing. mubashir, steward) and katabah (sing. katib, secretary), were names given in Mamluk and Osmanli Egypt to employees in the ruznamah (state financial administration) and in the domain of the Mamluk and native ruling …

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John VII

JOHN VII The seventy-seventh patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1262-1268, 1271-1293). John had a rival in GABRIEL III, who replaced him by order of the sultan for a period, after which he recaptured the patriarchal seat for a second time. A native of Old Cairo, his full name was Yu’annis ibn Abi Sa‘id …

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JOHN XVII The 105th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1726-1745). He was a native of Mallawi in Upper Egypt. As a young man by the name of ‘Abd-al-Sayyid, he retired to the monastery of Saint Paul (DAYR ANBA BULA) in the Eastern Desert for some years. He started by taking the monastic vow …

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JOHN XVIII The 107th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1769-1796). A monk of the Monastery of Saint Antony (DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS) in the Eastern Desert, he was selected by the community of the clergy and the Coptic archons to succeed MARK VII at his death in 1769. His patriarchate proved to be one …

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JOHN XIII Ninety-fourth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1484-1524). John’s life before joining the Monastery of Our Lady, known as DAYR AL-MUHARRAQ, is unknown. After the death of JOHN XII, the bishops, the clergy, and the archons remained undecided about the selection of a candidate for patriarch for approximately two years. Finally, they …

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