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Waq‘At Al-Kana’is (The Incident Of The Churches)

WAQ‘AT AL-KANA’IS The first demonstration of the presence of widely organized Muslim religious brotherhoods in Egypt and of their deep impact on the populace, which they manipulated in the Mamluk period. On one day in 1321, the populace, incited and led by members of these brotherhoods, destroyed, pillaged, and burned over sixty of the main …

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Al-Nushu’ Abu Shakir Ibn Al-Rahib (Ca. 1210-Ca. 1290).

AL-NUSHU’ ABU SHAKIR IBN AL-RAHIB (ca. 1210-ca. 1290). Encyclopedist, historian, theologian, scholar of Coptic. The Coptic polymath Nushu’ al-Khilafa Abu Shakir, known as Ibn al-Rahib (“Son of the Monk”), was the son of al-Shaykh al-Sana’ Abu al-Majd, a high-ranking civil servant who became a monk and who provided leadership to the Coptic Orthodox Church during …

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Dayr Anba Maqar

DAYR ANBA MAQAR Rising on the desert horizon like a great fortress, the Monastery of Saint MACARIUS was originally the most remote and least accessible of the monasteries of Wadi al- Natrun. It came into being around 360 when Saint Macarius the Egyptian moved southward from the valley to escape the overcrowding of hermits. Here, …

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General Ya‘Qub (1745-1801)

GENERAL YA‘QUB (1745-1801) Financial commissioner, then military leader, a mu‘allim become a general, Ya‘qub died young, and we have little information about his remarkable career. His role is thus debated: collaborator in the French occupation of Egypt, or pioneer of national independence? His contemporary al-Jabarti— who was a member of the diwan that collaborated with …

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Jirjis Al-Jawhari

JIRJIS AL-JAWHARI A noted Copt (d. 1810) who after the death of his brother IBRAHIM AL-JAWHARI (1795) replaced him as director of the Egyptian administration of taxes and finances, and also became an intimate confidant of the dominant Mamluk amirs. He was—like his predecessors in that position—a sort of gray eminence, in whose hands all …

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Baqt Treaty

BAQT TREATY The Baqt was a negotiated agreement between ‘Abdallah ibn Sa’id ibn Abi Sarh, the Umayyad governor of Egypt, and the Nubian king of MAKOURIA. It was concluded at DONGOLA in A.D. 632 following an unsuccessful Muslim attempt to subjugate the Nubian kingdom. The name Baqt is presumed to be derivative from Greek pakton …

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Athanasius III

ATHANASIUS III The seventy-sixth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1250-1261). Athanasius was peacefully selected to the throne of Saint Mark after an interregnum of seven years, during which the patriarchal seat remained vacant. The reasons are hard to explain beyond the lack of unanimity on any candidate and the general unrest that accompanied …

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