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NUBIA The region of Nubia, the land of the NUBIANS, is usually thought of today as comprising the Nile Valley from Aswan in Egypt to Debba in northern Sudan. However, the toponym has not had a consistent meaning for either medieval or modern writers. For some, it is a geographic term, designating a distinctive part …

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NOBATIA The name given in medieval times to the most northerly part of Nubia, immediately south of Egypt. Its territory is believed to have extended from about the First to the Third Cataract of the Nile, though there is some doubt about the location of the southern frontier. The region took its name from the …

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NUBIANS The term “Nubians” has sometimes been used to designate all of the inhabitants of the region called NUBIA. Even more loosely, it sometimes designates all of the dark-skinned neighboring peoples who dwell to the south of Egypt. To be technically accurate, however, the name should be applied only to speakers of the Nubian family …

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Nubian Church Organization

NUBIAN CHURCH ORGANIZATION The three Nubian kingdoms of NOBATIA, MAKOURIA, and ‘ALWA were converted to Christianity at various times in the sixth century. There seems to have been rival missionary activity of Monophysites and Melchites in all three kingdoms, with differing results. Nobatia and ‘Alwa were both converted by the Monophysites from the beginning, while …

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Nubia, Islamization Of

ISLAMIZATION OF NUBIA Throughout the Middle Ages, the peoples of Nubia adhered almost exclusively to the Coptic Christian faith. They had successfully resisted two Arab invasions, in 642 and 652, and subsequently concluded the BAQT TREATY, which ensured them against further Islamic incursions for several centuries. Muslim merchants from Egypt were allowed to travel and …

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Jabal ‘Adda

JABAL ‘ADDA, A hilltop fortress in Lower Nubia, across the river and slightly upstream from the famous temple of Abu Simbel. It was, along with QASR IBRIM and FARAS, one of the three most important administrative centers in Lower Nubia in the medieval period. Because only limited excavation was done in the fortress of Jabal …

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DONGOLA Often referred to as “Dongola al-‘Ajuz,” the capital city of the medieval Nubian kingdom of MAKOURIA. It was situated on the east bank of the Nile about halfway between the Third and Fourth Cataracts. The name is said to be derived from a Nubian word for a hill or high place, perhaps reflecting the …

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DOTAWO A small, late medieval kingdom, probably the last surviving Christian polity in Nubia. The name in Nubian means “below Do,” a place usually identified with the Daww of medieval Arabic manuscripts and the JABAL ‘ADDA of modern times. It is not certain whether “below” is to be read literally (since Jabal ‘Adda was on …

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Al-Abwab, (The Gates)

AL-ABWAB,  (the gates) A place or district in the medieval Nubian kingdom of ALWA. Several Arab authors agree in identifying it as the most northerly place within the territory Alwa, although its exact location has not been established. L. P. Kirwan (1935, p. 61) places it somewhere in the vicinity of the old Kushite city …

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