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Majmu‘ Usul al-Din

Al-Mu’taman Ibn Al-‘Assal (?-Last Quarter Of 13th C.).

AL-MU’TAMAN IBN AL-‘ASSAL (?-last quarter of 13th c.). A Priest, theologian, encyclopedist. Al-Mu’taman Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn al-‘Assal was probably the youngest of the three authors of the Awlad al-‘Assal, and he is the one whose life is best known to us, thanks now in part to the investigations of Wadi Abullif (see the bibliography). …

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Al As‘Ad Abu Al-Faraj Hibat Allah Ibn Al-‘Assal

AL AS‘AD ABU AL-FARAJ HIBAT ALLAH IBN AL-‘ASSAL One of three brothers, members of the same family generally known as AWLAD AL-‘ASSAL, who lived in the thirteenth century, all being notable writers on religious subjects, jurisdiction, canon law, theology, philosophy, and Coptic philology. Al-As‘ad’s full name is Abu al-Faraj Hibat-Allah ibn Abi al-Fadl As‘ad ibn …

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Majmu‘ Usul Al-Din

MAJMU‘ USUL AL-DIN (Compendium of the Fundamentals of Religion) A Coptic summa theologica in five parts and seventy chapters, written by al-MU’TAMAN ABU ISHAQ IBRAHIM IBN AL-‘ASSAL somewhat before 1260. According to G. Graf (1947) it has a compact, systematic structure and omits church historical material. The introduction has an exposition of the aim and …

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Mikha’il Al-Bahrawi

MIKHA’IL AL-BAHRAWI (or al-Nahrawi, since the manuscript has no diacritical point), Known only as the owner of the oldest and finest manuscript of the Summa Theologica (known as Majmu‘ Usul al-Din; Vatican Library, Arabic 103); written by Mu’taman al-Dawlah ibn al-‘Assal (chaps. 1-21 only), copied in Egypt during the author’s lifetime. An unpublished autograph note …

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Coptic Music

COPTIC MUSIC  Description of the Corpus and Present Musical Practice The following remarks pertain only to the music of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Other Christian churches in Egypt (Greek Orthodox, Coptic Catholic, Protestant, etc.) have their own musical practices. Coptic music, an expression of a proud and constant faith, still lives today among the Copts …

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