Eucharist Bread

EUCHARIST BREAD The Eucharistic bread (called qorban) is baked from white flour and yeast in a round shape. It has in the middle a large cross (symbolizing Christ) surrounded by 12 small crosses symbolizing the 12 Apostles. The Greek inscription “Holy God, Holy Almighty, Holy Eternal” surrounds the circle containing the 12 crosses. The Eucharist …

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HOSANNA Hebrew word, meaning “save us.” In the Coptic liturgy, it relates to Palm Sunday. In the 12th century, Abu al-Makarim wrote his book, the History of the Churches and Monasteries in Egypt. The feast of Palm Sunday was a special ceremony in his church (Church of the Holy Virgin in Haret Zuwylah in Old …

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Liturgical Instruments

LITURGICAL INSTRUMENTS The patriarch or a bishop must consecrate the liturgical instruments of the Coptic Church, as well as everything worn or used during the services, as part of the general process of consecration. The liturgical instruments consist of the following: Basin and ewer: used to wash the priest’s hands before the Divine Liturgy. Candelabrum: …

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