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Anaphora Of St. Cyril

ANAPHORA OF ST. CYRIL The Anaphora of St. Mark (Cyril) is notable for several features that are peculiar to it among Eastern liturgies, differentiating it from the Syro-Byzantine type. These features suggest that the structure of prayer is of considerable antiquity. These features are as follows: The presence of an offering in the preface. The …

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Anaphora Of St. Basil

ANAPHORA OF ST. BASIL The Anaphora of St. Basil is considered one of three official anaphoras of the Coptic Church. Pope Gabriel ibn Turayk (1131-1145) declared in his canons that only the liturgies of St. Basil, St. Gregory, and St. Cyril are to be used, and he forbade the Christian inhabitants of Upper Egypt from …

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Ethiopian Liturgy

ETHIOPIAN LITURGY The Ethiopian liturgies are translated from the Arabic, which in turn are translations of Coptic originals. There are in fact 14 liturgies used by the Ethiopian Church: the Anaphora of the Apostles; the Anaphora of the Lord; the Anaphora of John, Son of Thunder; the Anaphora of St. Mary; the Anaphora of the …

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TUBH (Arabic, plural Tubuhat). This is a Coptic word meaning “pray for.” The Tubuhat were introduced as deacon’s responses in the liturgy or in the Holy Week (for the liturgies, see the Anaphora of St. Basil, St. Gregory, and St. Cyril). The Tubuhat of the morning service of the Holy Week was composed before the …

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Apostles Creed

APOSTLES’ CREED A brief statement of faith, used only in the Western church, based upon belief in the Holy Trinity as expressed in the New Testament. There is no definite evidence to support the claim of RUFINUS, who wrote a commentary on it (Kelly, 1972, p. 1), that every apostle contributed a section to it, …

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Roman Emperors In Egypt

ROMAN EMPERORS IN EGYPT Although Alexandria never became a “Second Rome,” the existence and, in some sense, the presence of the Roman emperor was a common and permanent experience for the inhabitants of Egypt. The head of the provincial administration, the prefect of Egypt, was the direct representative of the emperor. The importance and power …

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Yusuf Abu Daqn

YUSUF ABU DAQN A sixteenth-seventeenth-century linguist and historian. A native of Cairo, Yusuf was sent to Rome in 1595 by Patriarch GABRIEL VIII (1586-1601), an event to be viewed within the context of the intensive ecumenical relations between the Coptic church of Egypt and the Catholic church of Rome at the time of this patriarch. …

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