Lake al-Habash

Dayr Al-Nastur

DAYR AL-NASTUR According to ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN (1895, pp. 134-36) in the thirteenth century, this monastery was to the south of Old Cairo, on the edge of Lake al- Habash. It was a monastery of the Nestorian rite, dedicated to Saint George. In 1102-1130, under the caliphate of al-Amir, Shaykh Abu al-Fada’il, a Nestorian, …

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Dayr Al-Tin

DAYR AL-TIN This monastery was mentioned for the first time by al-Shabushti (Atiya, 1939, pp. 25, 26), who died at the end of the tenth century or the beginning of the eleventh. He called it Mar Hanna and situated it on the edge of Lake al-Habash, near the Nile. The HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS OF …

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