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L. T. Lefort

Jean Simon (1897-1968)

JEAN SIMON (1897-1968) A Belgian Coptologist and Ethiopic scholar. A member of the Society of Jesus, he was ordained priest in 1928. At first a Bollandist (1930), he had for reasons of health to be assigned to less demanding work. Simon was professor of the Coptic and Ethiopic languages at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome) …

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Dayr Al-Fakhuri

DAYR AL-FAKHURI History The “Monastery of the Potter” (it is not known whence this appellation comes) is situated on the edge of the desert, about 6 miles (9 km) north of Isna, near the ancient Asphynis (present-day Asfun al-Mata‘nah). The monastery also bears the name of “Matthew the Poor.” This personage, whose Life survives (or …

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Dayr Apa Ishaq (Isna)

DAYR APA ISHAQ (Isna) A little to the north of the present DAYR AL-SHUHADA’ (Monastery of the Martyrs) at Isna are some ruins that the inhabitants call the Monastery of Apa Ishaq (Isaac). In the “new” church, which according to the inscriptions dates at least from the end of the twelfth century, an inscription commemorates …

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Schmidt, Carl

SCHMIDT, CARL (1868-1938) A German Coptologist. He was born in Hagenow, Mecklenburg, and studied at the universities of Leipzig and Berlin (1887-1894). He became a privatdocent in Berlin (1899), honorary professor extraordinary (1909), honorary professor (1921), and professor ordinary (1928), retiring in 1935. He edited and published many important Coptic texts and in 1930 discovered …

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Hieracas Of Leontopolis

HIERACAS OF LEONTOPOLIS A third-century heresiarch. Hieracas and his teachings are chiefly known from the notice devoted to the “Hieracites” by Epiphanius of Salamis in his Panarion (PG 42, chap. 67). It is very doubtful that Epiphanius ever met Hieracas himself, as reported by the Life of Epiphanius (PG 41, cols. 41, 57), the authenticity …

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Joseph The Carpenter

JOSEPH THE CARPENTER A saint and spouse of the Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus Christ (feast day: 26 Abib). Biblical Accounts In the New Testament Joseph is mentioned in the accounts of the birth and childhood of Jesus (Mt. 1-2; Lk. 1-2) and also in Luke (3:23, 4:22) and John (1:45, 6:42) …

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Letter Of Ammon

LETTER OF AMMON The two most important manuscripts that have transmitted the text of the first Greek Life of Pachomius to us, the Florentinus and the Atheniensis, have also preserved the text of a document known as the Epistula Ammonis. It is a letter addressed by a bishop called Ammon to a certain Theophilus and …

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Coptic Literature

COPTIC LITERATURE National literatures are defined not only by the language in which they are written but also by ethnic and cultural affinities that bind their authors. That is why we may distinguish an American literature in English from British literature or a Latin-American literature in Spanish from Spanish literature. The literature in the Coptic …

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TABENNESE A location of the first monastery of Saint PACHOMIUS, and though he and his successors soon lived in the second house established at PBOW, it still gives its name to the type of monasticism that he inaugurated. His monks were called Tabennesiotes, and the superior general was called either “archimandrite of Pbow” or “archimandrite …

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