Papyrus Collections

PAPYRUS COLLECTIONS Since the seventeenth-century scholars and travelers to Egypt have brought manuscripts to Europe. The papyri, whether they came to light in spectacular finds or as individual discoveries, whether they were uncovered in scientific excavations or through the diggings of thieves, went into papyrus collections, either directly or through dealers (see PAPYRUS DISCOVERIES). Not …

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PROSOPOGRAPHY A collection of biographical sketches. A prosopography of the persons named in the documents of Egypt, both Greek and Coptic, with information—so far as known—about their parents and their vocation, is a desideratum for various disciplines in the study of antiquity. It would serve for the dating and localizing of the texts so far …

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Dioscorus Of Aphrodito

DIOSCORUS OF APHRODITO (c. 520-after 585), Jurist and poet. Born to Hellenized Coptic gentry in the Upper Egyptian town of Aphrodite (later spelled Aphrodito) in the Antaeopolite nome, Dioscorus received the classical education of his time and station plus training in the law and, presumably at Alexandria,   in philosophy (most likely under John Philoponus). He …

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